Fitness/Gym Management Software

Listed below are the Modules/Services available with this software. We can add more modulesor services to the software depending on your unique requirements.Our product is highly customizable.
A client can pick and choose the modules/services which they need to be part of the software. For more details Call: +91 7760075401 or mail your requirements to Email:

Module listing

  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Asset management
  • Billing management
  • Credit Card Service
  • Booking Service Training
  • Booking Service Class
  • Automated SMS and Emails
  • Mailing Labels
  • Contract Service
  • Customer Support Service
  • Member Relation
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Service
  • Employee Self Service
  • Tracking Employees
  • Salary List
  • Employee Time Management
  • Inventory management
  • RSS Feed Service
  • Loyalty Service
  • Message boards and blogs
  • Fitness classes and offers
  • Trial Management
  • Pricing plans &Room access
  • Fitness Training Packages
  • Referral Service or Bring a buddy
  • Outdoor Service
  • Biometric and Access Control
  • Registration Service
  • Member Self Service
  • Member Record Service
  • Member Progress Tracking
  • Member Measurement Tracking
  • Members Check In / Check Out Room, Equipment Info - Display System and VoiceDiet Advice
  • Purchase Service
  • Events or Activities Management
  • Appointment,Enquiry,Followup
  • Polls or Survey or Contest Service
  • Greetings Management
  • Virtual Gym Tour Video Show
  • Holiday List
  • Visitor / Guest Info
  • Web Camera integration
  • Reports Service
  • Sales Order Management
  • POS order service
  • Touch Screen POS
  • Role Based Security

Other Benefits

Customer Support

We offer technical resources to setup and to help you operate the software,Training to your manpower is provied to operate the software.Any technical input required regarding the software will be provided. For other customer support options like product updates, onsite support etc please contact us for pricing.


We use the latest technology and frameworks to develop our products.Our products are built on opensource platforms which helps the client avoid purchasing additional licensing to run the software on their system.


All our products are developed on open source technology,we have a flexibile model for pricing, clients can opt for the services which are critical for their business and pay only for those services.In future as per demands placed by their business they can add extra modules or services. For getting free quote contact us.


Keeping in mind the unique requirements of our clients, we have adopted a standard practice to offer customizable products, Our products are flexible and highly scalable.